Sunday, June 17, 2012

Update on a couple of SALs

Here are a couple of updates on my Sticklounge SALs.  This is Tribute to Ackworth by Barbara J. of Luv2Stitch Designs through Part 11.  I'm still loving stitching this piece, it's so quick and easy.  I'm feeling a bit better about the thread situation but not 100% yet, hopefully I have enough, otherwise I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

The second one I'm doing is Fleur et Papillon by Angie Designer and this is it through Part 2.  This is also a lovely design to stitch and a bit more time consuming than Ackworth.  I've worked a bit on Part 3 but I'm going to put this up for a bit while I work on Part 2 of Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillon Creations, I would like to get that done before Part 3 comes out.


Beaupippin said...

2 lovely pieces of work, but I love the butterflies! Cant wait to see more of this one!

Always smiling said...

Thank you for answering my query on the Chatelaine sal group... thought I 'd take a peep at your blog. Some beautiful stitching and knitting.


PS Became a follower too.