Sunday, January 2, 2011

Returned from England

We've just returned from a very lovely Christmas in England, first one on that side of the pond in 36 years!  We were joined at my mother's by my brother and our son and daughter-in-law and had a very nice Christmas Day with a few fresh snow sprinkles to make it officially a white Christmas!

We had a nervous journey out because the snow was forecast but we got lucky and the slight bit of snow and ice we encountered in Amsterdam only delayed us by about 40 mins.  We don't fly into London airports and Humberside airport is only 20 mins. from Mum's house.  The roads had been cleared since the "big" snow (15" for Grimsby is a BIG snow!).  We even managed to make a trip down south to Luton and the Ipswich area without too much trouble, so overall we were lucky.  Our journey back was uneventful, thankfully and we arrived home late on New Year's Day.

While in England I managed to knit myself a scarf but that is the only needlework I took with me, I'll post a picture when I dig it out! 

I'm also happy to report that the framed wedding sampler for Michael and Julie made it to England safely!  It fit (just) into the one very large suitcase I have, that I haven't taken over there for a few years.  It had to go in diagonally, on it's end and I wrapped it in multiple layers of bubble wrap. They went back to London on the train and carried it, that journey was also successful!  The wooden box for my mother (see previous post) also made it intact and she liked it.

Happy New Year everyone!