Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kitten Update!

I do wish kittens would stay kittens but they do tend to grow! They are nine months old now and still full of beans and jumping all over the place. Like most cats they like boxes and here they are trying to get into the same one. They have one each but one is always better than the other of course. They are still very affectionate with each other, which is nice.


Knitting is one of the reasons I haven't done too much stitching lately! I love to knit, and I especially like to do Aran type knitting. I have been working on a 5 panel Afghan for quite a while and I'm on the last panel.
Also, when I went to England in October I took all the materials to continue stitching on the Sampler of Stitches, everything that is except the actual piece! So, with no stitching to occupy my time I took myself off to the local knitting shop. I picked up some baby yarn and a pattern and knitted a baby jacket and blanket. I then picked up some more yarn when I was in London and I'm knitting myself a long cardigan, with cables of course!
I'll need to get my digital camera out to take pictures of those, can't be scanned like stitching!

Evening Star by Heritage

I've also worked quite a bit more on The Evening Star train for my husband (see earlier picture), although it's slow going! I'm working on the backstitching, and believe me it's work! Not only were there 1/2 height and 1/2 width cross stitches in the piece, it's also a challenge to get the backstitching in the right place. There is a separate backstitching chart (which helps) but it's still slow going placing the stitches. I can only do so much at a sitting before I have to switch to something else. I probably won't publish another picture until it's finished, I guess I'm over half way through with the b/s.

Sampler of Stitches update

Still moving along with the project, albeit a little slowly. Some of the stitches are a little tedious but on the whole I'm enjoying it. I've changed the thread, or number of strands, on a couple of the stitches. I'm working it on a finer count linen and sometimes the stated thread/strands was not working out well.