Sunday, December 9, 2007


Knitting is one of the reasons I haven't done too much stitching lately! I love to knit, and I especially like to do Aran type knitting. I have been working on a 5 panel Afghan for quite a while and I'm on the last panel.
Also, when I went to England in October I took all the materials to continue stitching on the Sampler of Stitches, everything that is except the actual piece! So, with no stitching to occupy my time I took myself off to the local knitting shop. I picked up some baby yarn and a pattern and knitted a baby jacket and blanket. I then picked up some more yarn when I was in London and I'm knitting myself a long cardigan, with cables of course!
I'll need to get my digital camera out to take pictures of those, can't be scanned like stitching!

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