Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tribute to Ackworth through Part 5

I'm still moving along on Tribute to Ackworth, this is Parts 1-5, another corner finished!

Tribute to Ackworth -- SAL on Sticklounge Yahoo Group. Design by Barbara J.

This is Part 5 that I finished this afternoon.  I think the group is on Part 9 so I have just a bit more to do before I'm caught up with the SAL.  This is a really fun stitch and I love the motifs.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tribte to Ackworth - Parts 1-3

I started a new stitchalong on the Sticklounge Yahoo Group.  This is Tribute to Ackworth by Barbara J. (Luv2Stitch2 Designs)  parts 1-3.  I started this in progress and the group is up to Part 8 so I'm playing catch up but it's going fast, this is one week's work. The fabric is Belfast/Fairy Dust and the thread is Caron Waterlilies #112 Fir and a coordinating solid Soie Cristale for the letters.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Around the World in 80 Stitches - Part 1 Complete

This is Part 1 of 24 of Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillon Creations

I wish I could get the colors to show up more true but this is as good as I could tweak it.  The fabric is Belfast/Toasted Almond and is darker than in the picture.  I'm really enjoying stitching this project, and I've learned a few new stitches.  On the right hand heart the flowers are done in Lindisfarne stitch completed in 3 parts; the centers in metallic, then the flower petals and then the outline.  Other stitches are Scotch, lazy daisy, eyelets, and rays.  The left hand heart uses Norwich stitch for the purple flowers with metallic rays.  The green flower stems on the red flowers are Berwick stitch, a very interesting one to do and new to me.  Then there is a selection of rays, lazy daisies again, and backstitch. 

I have decided not to do the beads yet but there are several dotted about in this design. They will go on top of the Berwick stitch stems in the "corners" of the left heart, and also in the centers of the backstitch diamonds. They are in the empty backstitch sections on the right hand heart and elsewhere.  I don't like scrolling up beads and I want to wait and see what the next part is before I finally decide on the colors I'm going to use.  It calls for two colors of beads and I've picked four to choose from.

I changed my mind on the color of the metallic from what I posted last week in my color choices. The one I'd picked was too dark and so I went with PB10 Petite Treasure Braid from Rainbow Gallery.  I'm looking forward to the next section!