Sunday, August 8, 2010

Long time, no post!

Gosh!  Has it really been that long since I updated this blog.  How time flies as you get older!  I see that my last post also coincided with when my summer work hours started and my stitching, and computing, time got messed up.  My stitching time has been limited to weekends for 2-3 months, during the week I've just been too tired to sit down and do anything but read in the evening, and that makes me fall asleep :-)

Anyway,  I've FINALLY got a picture of my WIP.  This is Day & Night by Long Dog.  It's a very colorful design as you can see and easy to stitch.  The only problem is that the chart symbols are VERY tiny and I'm having to enlarge each section, not something I normally have to do. Other than that, so far so good!

You can see a picture of what it will look like finished further down this page.  We go back to regular 8-5 hours on August 16 and hopefully then I will get some time to stitch on weekday evenings.


Babs in Alabama said...

It's looking so pretty, and I love how colorful it is :)

Jo said...

It looks so lovely with how the colours blend together. Really cheerful. I'm sure you'll soon be back to normal on your stitching when your hours are better. x