Friday, November 23, 2012

Some progress on a WIP

This is one of my current works in progress, Confetti of Hardanger by Abi Gurden of Bee's Needleworks and it's the current SAL on The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group.  This is Parts 1 to 4 and lots more to come yet.  You can see the finished version on the home page of the group.  Part 3 was all the motifs and eyelets and took a while, mainly because of the counting involved.  I went ahead and did part 4 first to give another point of reference for the counting.  Part 8 has been released and so I'd better get on and get caught up!


Faith... said...

That is beautiful!

Gray Bonnet said...

Just gorgeous! I love the colors!

Jo said...

It's so beautiful, such delicate colours x