Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tree of Stitches Finished!

I finished my Tree of Stitches last night and here it is!  This design is by Abi Gurden and was done as a SAL on The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group.

Our next SAL will be The Great Escape and will start in September.  Go to the group home page to see a picture of it.  I think it's going to be as popular as the Tree, if not more so The Stitch Specialists.

This Yahoo Group was started last November and I'm one of the moderators.  Never in our wildest dreams did we think we'd have almost 300 members by this date, only two more to go!  Everyone has loved this design and the color variations that members have chosen are fantastic.  Each member chose their own fabric and colors.  I went with traditional greens but we've had blossom trees, and winter trees, and multi-colors!  So much creativity.


Ineke said...

Your tree is beautiful, Marguerite! It looks like the sun is shining on the top and the left side. The owl and the rabbit are cute.

stitchesnscraps said...

It's lovely!! Happy dancing for you! Your animals are so cute! Thanks for sharing!!


wendy111 said...

I love the tree and I love the colour of your owl and your bunny. This was such a great design