Friday, November 26, 2010

Wedding Sampler finished

On October 23 I finally finished Michael and Julie's wedding sampler.  They were married on September 4, 2009, and it had been a while in the making!  The heart at the top was a challenge with bullion stitches and ribbon embroidery that I'd not done before.  The poem is a custom, I didn't include the words as charted.  It is now framed but it was difficult to get a good picture and also because it is so long!  This is the best I could do to try and not get a reflection.

I now have the problem of getting this framed piece to England!  I've just tried fitting it in our suitcases and it's going to be a challenge to say the least! I don't think carrying it is an option (too big), and so if we can't get it in the case then may have to go with a special box but don't really want to do that.  So, fingers crossed that it makes it across the Atlantic in one piece!

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